Swallowtail Light

Swallowtail Light
Swallowtail Light: video still

Curating & Facilitating

2005-present: Director, WIAprojects,an inter-arts feminist research, exhibition, program providing exhibitions, programming, publications, education and support for women's and trans' communities.
Winter 2013: (w/Sevan Injejikian) Contested Bodies: Cendres Lavy & Leesa Streifler at the CWSE Gallery, OISE. (Catalogue, WIA publications)
Fall 2012: (w/Leena Raudvee & Trisha Lamie) FOOD=NEED at the Perth Davenport NeighbourhoodCentre, Toronto. (Documentary film TBA)
Winter 2012: Sisyphus and Other Personal Stories: Sylvat Aziz, CWSE Gallery – Jackman Humanities Institute Fund.
Fall 2011: Mesma Belsare & Sylvat Aziz: In Conversation, Leigha Lee Browne Theatre, UTSC, Cultural Pluralism and the Arts.
Vicky Moufawad-Paul & Dina Georgis: A screening and conversation – Jackman Humanities Institute Fund.
March 2010: (with Leena Raudvee) The Transcultural: Women in       Performance, photo-documentation of performative work by women activists and artists from Canada and the USA.
Fall 2011: Vicky Moufawad-Paul JackmanFellowship VisitorSeries(Jackman HumanitiesInstitute)
Exhibition: Gender Archeology (CWSE Gallery). Mesma Belsare & Sylvat Aziz: A Conversation (UTSC)
March 2010: Sylvat Aziz: Still Lahore & Children and War (CWSE Gallery).
Fall 2010: (with Leena Raudvee)Lezli Rubin-Kunda: Realms of Knowing
Oct. 2009: AH, but what can you do? - Cait Harben & fear of pleasure - Leena Raudvee. Performance by Leena Raudvee. (catalogue - WIA publications)
May 2009: Celebrating Elders, body casts/narratives of/by women over 55, by Peta Hall. (catalogue - WIA publications).
Nov. 2008: gender/Troubling at XPACE Cultural Centre, York University PhD Students, OCAD students and AGO Youth (catalogue co-published with WIAprojects publications and XPACE) 
Oct. 2007: Vicky Moufawad-Paul Narrating a Post-colonial Feminism. . (catalogue - WIA publications).
Feb. 2007 Street Health Project, A Day in Life: URGENT by Nancy Halifax, (catalogue - co-published with the Centre for Arts-Informed Research, OISE/UT).
Nov. 2006: You Are A Girl by Heather Hicks, (catalogue- co-published with Words/fly Press)
Nov. 2005: Erika de Freitas, The Snapshot Chronicles (catalogue - WIA publications co-published with the CWSE/OISE UT.)

1983-present: Co-artistic/administrative director for ARTIFACTS: a performance art company. Develop, produce, write and perform performance/installation work with Leena Raudvee for artist-run centres and public galleries. Also grant applications and tour co-ordination.
2005-present: Associate Scholar, Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, OISE/UT.
2002: Guest Curator, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto. Exhibit: Body as (ready to be re-) made.
2001: Co-curator for World Travelling, with Carol Laing and Sylvat Aziz for Union Gallery, Queen’s University. Exhibit and public lecture.
1999: Curator and community worker, On the land: Shaping the County, Ameliasburg Museum, Prince Edward County. Exhibition and community event.
1992-present: Consultant for Creative Contexts in Education, which provides and advises on
educational programming for museums, schools and galleries. Review course curriculum.
1996-99, 1990-92: Women's Resource Manager for The Women's Educational Resource Centre, OISE. Responsible for various projects on women, arts, literature and education. Liaison and outreach with women's arts organisations/ programmes. Responsible for compiling material on arts, literature and education. Preparing a partially annotated bibliography of feminist arts education and assisting members with research work.
1990-91: Editor for Matriart: A Canadian Feminist Art Journal. Responsible for assisting in editorial/policy decisions and editing of each issue.
1990: Public Discussion Co-ordinator for the Women's Art Resource Centre for various events at The Woman's Common, A Space and YYZ galleries.
1988-90: Co-ordinator/curator for performance at A Space Gallery, Toronto. Responsibilities included: grant writing and budget control for programmes, co-ordination of all aspects of the exhibitions/performances in liaison with gallery staff. Programming: "Quarantine of the Mind by David Maclean, "The Edge of the World" by Robert McFadden, "Catastrophe and Beguilement by Diane Torr, "Global Warming" by Nora Hutchinson, "Japan/Canada Exchange: Installation and Performance" by Tari Ito, Haruo Higuma and a series entitled "Access to the Process".
1988: Assistant to the Head, Art Studio & Head, Fibre, The Banff Centre. Responsible for winter programming in fibre/sculpture/ performance art as well as the summer fibre/ papermaking & Critical Eye. Hired and supervised visiting artist/ instructors, arranged workshops, seminars, maintained/supplied five work areas, presented individual and group critiques of student work, assisted in overall policy planning for Visual Arts and the Banff Centre. Worked with Policy, Planning and Professionalism Committee and Program Advisory Committee.
Co-ordinator for The Celebration of Women in the Arts Festival at The Banff Centre. Included: panel discussion, readings, video and film evenings, library displays, a performance, and a visual exhibition of work by over 50 women artists. for Art in Public Spaces which presented a range of work in installation, photography, ceramics, fibre, video.
Editorial Assistant for Parallelogramme, a national arts magazine. Responsible for copy-editing/proofreading articles and listings.